Writing Launch was created in 2016 with one goal: to give writers the knowledge they need to earn a living doing what they love. Our mission is to provide the most valuable training resources available to help writers become successful freelance writers.

We saw a major problem and wanted to fix it. Most beginner freelance writers are led astray. Have you ever been told you have to go on freelancing platforms like Upwork or content mills? Or have you been told that you have to accept low pay? These are nothing more than lies, but millions of writers fall for them.

As freelancers ourselves, we know there’s a better way. We wanted to create a service that would help beginner and intermediate writers accelerate their careers and find real opportunities.

Writing Launch is a place for writers who want to step up their freelancing game and build a lifelong career in writing.


Ian Chandler is a professional freelance writer. He is the author of The No B.S. Guide to Freelance Writing, The Freelance Writer’s Battle, and Narrative Marketing: Using Content Marketing To Turn People Into Heroes. He is Head Instructor at Writing Launch. You can view his portfolio here. He lives in Kent, Ohio.

Jacob Jans is the founder of Freedom With Writing, which now has over 300k fans on Facebook and hundreds of thousands of email subscribers. He is a digital marketer, with extensive experience building large audiences for blogs, including Freedom With Writing, Authors Publish, and Mystery Shopper Magazine. He lives in Toronto.

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